Meet our team

Our talented, well-rounded team sits at the heart of our success. We believe we have the best people formula for unrivalled consultancy and training provision. Each and every one of our employees represents the spirit of Jayva. They’re motivated, committed and hard-working self-starters focused on client satisfaction.


Nicola Moore-Miller


As the owner of Jayva US Inc and parent company, Jayva UK Ltd, Nicola is passionate about empowering law firms to achieve enhanced efficiency, boost profitability, bolster competitiveness and overcome day-to-day challenges by improved adoption of innovative technology and optimised processes.

Nicola is a chartered management accountant (ACMA, CGMA) by trade with extensive legal accounts experience garnered from senior management and director level roles held within the legal profession for some twenty years. As such, Nicola’s ideally placed to bridge the gap between all departments in a firm, namely the technical, financial and fee earning functions.

As LEAP-certified consultancy and training provider across New England, Nicola leads the Jayva team in delivering successful software implementation projects through a holistic approach. Instead of managing from a purely technical perspective, Jayva also appreciates the significance of change management when introducing new systems. People, process and technology are assigned equal importance. This unique stance is what’s resulted in Jayva implementing new software in over 500 SME law firms over a 5-year period both in the UK and USA.

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Robert Bailey

Implementation Consultant & Project Manager

Robert’s career in law to date spans more than fifteen years from humble origins as a legal assistant for a New York firm of attorneys, on to high level consultancy and project management positions within legal software suppliers, and most recently as the owner of his own courtroom presentation technology company. 

This lengthy background and software focus enable Rob to understand better than most how technology can be adopted to drive matter progress, strengthen legal arguments and introduce efficiencies at the office and in the courtroom equally.

Rob came on board in January 2019 and is Jayva’s implementation consultant and project manager which means he oversees software roll outs in enterprise practices. To fulfil his role, Rob’s duties encompass wide-ranging tasks from initial configuration and installation to eventual follow up training with project management support throughout.

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Matthew Dagle


Matthew has worked within the legal sector for five years. In the beginning, this comprised paralegal roles whereby he progressed client cases by producing defined workflow documentation, performed research, reviewed contracts and planned strategy for businesses located in the Connecticut and Massachusetts states. It’s this early experience that really cemented Matt’s passion for the study of law and the reason he’s pursued a career in one of America’s oldest and distinguished professions.

With a bachelor’s degree in legal studies gained from Quinnipiac University, culminating in certification as an American Bar Association Paralegal, Matt has recently completed a four-year evening programme at Suffolk Law School.

Matt joined Jayva in September 2018 and his position as implementation consultant sees him assume front line support for law firms based in the New England states migrating to the technologically advanced LEAP complete practice management and legal accounting system. It’s Matt’s responsibility to ensure implementation runs smoothly, data’s transferred from the old to new software and end users are suitably trained in LEAP’s functionality.

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Nicola Jones

Accounts Specialist & Implementation Consultant

Nicola’s entire career has been spent in the legal domain initially in finance assistant capacity for a Manchester-based law firm. Latterly, Nicola held IT positions for a legal software provider whereby she progressed from helpdesk technician to software consultant during her 9 years at the company.

For Jayva, Nicola’s job title is accounts specialist and implementation consultant. Her expansive job description includes supporting our on-the-road consulting and projects team for client onboarding, installation, configuration, transitioning and beyond. It’s down to Nicola to ensure implementation projects progress as scheduled, barriers to change are overcome and clients are satisfied with services delivered.

Drawing upon her vast accounting knowledge, Nicola also performs remote training on complex accounting matters both on the LEAP case management system and QuickBooks Online accounts package with which it integrates. By doing so, she helps law firms to comply with their accounts obligations and operate their software to the best of their ability in order to reap the full benefits of their ongoing investment.

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