Juliet Mazurczak becomes latest recruit

We’ve appointed another implementation consultant to our American division this summer. Following our earlier-in-the-year recruitment drive, our widening client base comprising law firms migrating to LEAP has created the demand for a new staff member filled by Juliet Mazurczak.

LEAP is superior case management and legal accounting software launched in the States last year to great acclaim. Our status as LEAP’s approved certified consultancy in New England has precipitated a period of intense expansion to accommodate heavy volumes of new LEAP users. The unique LEAP-Jayva partnership model means that LEAP provides the software and we supply the implementation consultancy.

Alongside our existing implementation team, Juliet will operate largely on site at clients’ offices delivering the myriad services required to get the LEAP system up and running throughout our clients’ businesses. Juliet’s duties span installation and configuration to training and value-added consultancy on best practice to help law firms better align their people, processes and technology.

Nicola Moore-Miller, Jayva US Inc.’s president, comments:

“We’re so excited to welcome Juliet. She possesses lots of skills and experience which are much needed in our small, agile workforce. Juliet’s is very much a pinnacle role, being to deliver implementation consultancy with clients, but also having a very collaborative part to play when in the office, involving coordinating the implementation schedule with clients, liaising with LEAP, communicating daily with colleagues and supporting other team members on larger projects.

“Juliet’s personality and approach are a perfect fit for Jayva. She’s hard working, motivated, personable and down to earth. With these combined qualities, Juliet’s set to thrive as an integral member of our American team. In these early days of operating, having someone with Juliet’s breadth of experience to help us build our internal processes and develop the team is simply priceless. We have complete faith in Juliet. She’ll get on famously with all stakeholders and be a great asset to Jayva.”

Our recruitment initiative continues with additional team members forecasted for late 2019 and throughout 2020 while LEAP’s client base multiplies. Connect on social media to keep up to date with our news about successful candidates and available vacancies. Go to linkedin.com/company/JayvaUS, facebook.com/JayvaUS and twitter.com/JayvaUS.

Jennet Ingram