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We’re Jayva US Inc., the certified consultancy for LEAP’s case management and legal accounting cloud-based system in the USA.

Our role is to support your LEAP implementation with services encompassing installation, configuration, template creation, end user training, legal accounts training, project management, change management, follow up training and support, and data entry.

Our president, Nicola Moore-Miller, was the first independent consultant for LEAP in the UK. Following great success in the UK, LEAP moved to the US in 2016 and we are here to help at every step of the journey by bringing our consultancy and training expertise to the American market.



We're LEAP certified


Jayva was first appointed as independent consultancy for LEAP in the UK in 2014. As LEAP is aimed at the smaller law firm, its outsourced consultancy business model means you can purchase software at an affordable fee, achieving timely and cost-effective installation with Jayva’s dedicated implementation team

Not only that, LEAP’s flexible consultancy approach also allows you to access best-qualified professionals with lengthy backgrounds in your sector, a wealth of experience in all aspects of legal practice management and legal accounting, deep knowledge of technical and regulatory matters, understanding of your industry’s challenges and the right skillset to help you overcome them.

Where LEAP’s concerned, it’s Jayva’s role to ensure seamless implementation from initial system configuration to end user training. We hope to build long term business relationships with our clients, and continue to offer value-added business consultancy to further cement your investment in the LEAP product.

Jayva’s raison d’être is to enable you to work smarter by utilising the many time-saving, accuracy-boosting and efficiency-enhancing features available in LEAP, thereby reaping the full benefits of your software investment.


Process makes perfect







Our services

Jayva’s implementation services for LEAP Legal Software include:-


We’ll roll out the LEAP software plus manage any system change requirements in readiness for the implementation. Our consultants fully understand the data migration process and liaise seamlessly with the LEAP transition team to ensure an effective move from your legacy data.

Data entry

If the standard data transition isn’t possible, or you have data from multiple sources, we can help you by providing services to input your historic and current case and accounts data manually with accuracy and speed.


With pre-configured matter types, comprehensive library of 3,000 forms and 300 precedents for common areas of law, there’s minimal customisation required. We’ll create new precedents for niche specialisms and tailor your firm’s settings accordingly.

End user training

We provide individual and group instruction, pre-installation training, hand holding at go-live, and follow up and refresher training as you grow, thereby laying the foundations for your optimised use of LEAP. There is no one-size-fits-all model, but we make sure everyone gets the day-to-day essentials, and then you build your training requirements as your firm requires.

Project management

We manage your short or long term projects from initial setting of expectations and deciding a suitable schedule right through to achieving defined milestones and completing the final phases on time. We hand you back to the LEAP support team, when you and we are happy that the implementation is successful.

Legal accounts training

Ensuring trust account is managed accurately and compliantly, our expert training for cashiers is delivered by accounting-qualified trainers who understand the importance of error-free legal accounts.

Change management

Organisational change can be daunting. We provide change management support to all of your business’s stakeholders so the transition to new technology is a gradual, comfortable and positive process. More importantly, that it is right for your firm.

Ongoing support

We recognise the project doesn’t abruptly end once your new application’s installed. Should your business needs and priorities change, enlist our consultancy support on a one-off or regular basis.



We’re passionate about helping law firms in the US achieve efficiencies, boost profitability and operate competitively by using LEAP Legal Software to the very best of their ability. Having seen first hand the success of LEAP in the UK, and the amazing benefits it brings to small law firms, we are excited about now being able to share our experience with the American market.

In pursuit of this goal, we deliver professional implementation consultancy and training services, developing strong relationships with the businesses we work with along the way. We operate with honesty, openness and integrity.

That’s why we’re able to build mutually beneficial relationships with clients. As a result, we’re awarded with a loyal, repeat client base for whom we act as trusted advisor.

We’re proud to claim that we’re never satisfied with an implementation project which is less than exceptional. Our consultants and trainers are absolutely committed to providing outstanding services so that whatever we do has a truly positive impact.


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